COLLEGE: Senior Year Day #1

college senior year

The first day of classes is over and I feel DRAINED.  Right now I just want to eat and sleep. I need to shower, and I will, but I don’t necessarily feel like it.

Classes started at 9:00 a.m. and I’m just getting home at 9:00 p.m.  I’m not complaining, I definitely enjoy school, but I am definitely tired.

It’s been confirmed that I don’t necessarily like technical courses.  I’d much rather have a professor lecture and inform me.  The key thing though is that I prefer them to stay on task, don’t bounce all over the place, and I need them to teach on things that I’m interested in.

The good thing now is that I’m a senior so all of my courses tend to interest me.  There are no more silly electives, right now it’s all meat and potatoes.  I’m getting the core of what I really need- communication and public administration courses.  My major is communications with a radio-tv emphasis and I’m minoring in public administration.

Don’t ask me what I plan to do.  Shoot, who knows that tomorrow will hold?  I just know that I love communicating and I love learning how the government functions.  Maybe I will be a journalist that covers governmental activities?  Or, maybe I will be a public official with excellent communication skills?  Honestly, I think I’d be happy either way.

I don’t know and I’m quite alright with that.  Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised?  🙂

As I was saying, though, I care less about technical stuff.  I’m not even looking forward to operating the camera.  Ok, ok I don’t even care to have to hold it.  I’d much rather sit and learn about communication theories or discuss social issues affecting the communications world.  I’d even prefer to write a paper than have to shoot video footage!

Let’s see if my attitude changes as the semester progresses.  I have a nice balance of technical courses, communication courses, and public administration courses.  I guess variety is a good thing.

It’ll definitely all work out and I must say that I am extremely thankful to God for allowing me to make it this far.  I’m also thankful to live in a country that supports and encourages education.  I’m also thankful for a wonderful, personable school that really cares.  I’m just one thankful girl.

I’m thankful and I’m looking forward to having a wonderful semester.  I’m a senior in college now.  Thank you God.

6 thoughts on “COLLEGE: Senior Year Day #1

      1. Of course! I just can’t believe you are a senior now. I’m ready for a graduation though, you deserve to be celebrated!


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