Got a problem? 5 things you must do!


1. Don’t react.  Anyone can immediately react but most of the time we will regret our reaction.  Instead of reacting take a moment to get calm.  You may feel crazy just standing there but you’d look crazier if you just blow up.  Reactions aren’t planned or thought out, they’re just immediate responses to something.  Instead of reacting just wait until you can appropriately respond.

2. Get alone.  Get by yourself and calm down.  We all know how frustrated we get when people try and talk to us and we’re not ready to talk.  We want to just scream “Leave me alone!”  Instead of screaming just get alone.  Do whatever you need to do.  Think through the situation, write, pray, play your favorite song.  Just get alone.

3. Talk to someone.  Talk to someone you trust, someone who genuinely cares about you.  Don’t talk to just anyone.  Don’t call the negative friend, the gossip, or the nosey relative.  Talk to someone that has a tendency to make you feel better about yourself.  Talk to them and listen to their encouragement.

4. Gain perspective.  Remember that it can be worse.  Remember that it has been worse before.  Think about that terrible situation last year, think about all of the things you’ve made it through thus far.  Gain perspective and know that it’s probably not as bad as it seems.

5. Do something!  Get your mind off the problem and do something completely different.  Get some ice cream, play with your kids, go to your favorite store, just do something to get your mind off the problem!  Don’t let the problem consume you.  Keep living.  Go do something!

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