Don’t Be Moved!

Flat iron

Don’t be moved by whatever life throws your way today!  Acknowledge it, but don’t stress.  Cry, but don’t depress yourself.  Express yourself, but stay positive.  Do whatever brings you strength.  Don’t waste time by talking to negative people; go to those who give you strength.

Everyday is filled with surprises.  We never know what the day may bring, but we must know that whatever happens we can stay strong.  We must know that we are overcomers.  We must know that we are strong!  We must know that we won’t be moved!

Start each day by telling yourself “Whatever happens today does not have the ability to destroy me.”  Know deep down that you are more than capable to handle whatever comes your way.  Life isn’t perfect for any of us, but we must be thankful for our problems.  We have to remember that somewhere someone is facing something way worse than us.

Today my daughter broke my $100 flat iron.  She cried when she told me because she was so upset.  I almost got angry because I already have a few problems on my plate but I stayed calm.

I then get on Facebook and saw that someone had their house broken into today.  I immediately encouraged her and then got thankful for my problem.  Things can always be worse, so I say again we must be thankful for our issues.

Then I scroll through Facebook a little more and see this post by Joyce Meyer “God is everything. Everything is about Him. Everything started in Him, maintains in Him & ends with Him. He needs to be the center of our life and number 1 in everything we do.”

I then said aloud “God is everything, a flat iron is nothing.”

See what I’m saying?  Don’t be moved.

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