Facebook is SOCIAL media, not PERSONAL media


Facebook is a large part of our world, but we must remember that it is simply a tool to remain social.  We have to keep in mind that we don’t have to get extremely personal in order to be social.  And Facebook shouldn’t be the only way that we are social.

I guess you could say that I’m a fairly private person, but even if you’re not as private as me you should still use wisdom with ‘over-sharing’ on Facebook.

I’ve heard of people that are hesitant to leave a partner because of all the hype they’ve created on Facebook.  They’ve shared so many details of their relationship that they now feel entitled to stay in an unhealthy relationship.  “What would everyone think?”

We shouldn’t get so personal with people on Facebook that we feel accountable to them.  We don’t owe people an explanation for everything we do and we sure shouldn’t think about Facebook or Facebook friends when making decisions in our lives.

Facebook can be fun and it helps keep us social, but we should try to stay ‘social’ on Facebook and ‘personal’ with our loved ones.  It’s great to stay connected with others through Facebook, but we shouldn’t get too connected.  We shouldn’t get too personal or too attached to Facebook.

It’s important to remember that not everyone on Facebook is truly our friend.  Some of our ‘Facebook friends’ don’t even like us!  Some people are nosey and may even use your own Facebook posts to start gossip about YOU!  Think about it.  You know it happens.

“Did you see…?”  “She posted…”  “Is he dating her?”  “Does she even work?”  “He brags too much.”  “She’s definitely insecure.”

You get the point.  So, before you update your status remind yourself that Facebook is a tool to be SOCIAL, not PERSONAL.

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