Don’t Be Perfect, Be Faithful


God does not expect us to be perfect; He knows we’ll always mess up.  Messing up is a part of our make-up.  We can never be perfect, but we can be faithful.

Don’t be so critical on yourself and think you aren’t good enough for God.  Don’t think for one second that you’ve messed up too much or done things too horrible.  He knew what you were going to do before you did it!  He’s good like that.  He’s God and he knows and understands everything.

We could never surprise God with anything.  He’s not surprised by our mistakes, failures, or shortcomings.  He created us, so He is well aware of our strengths, weaknesses, shortcomings, and temptations.

We can never be perfect, but we can be faithful.

Don’t run from God when you mess up, run to Him.  Run to Him and ask for forgiveness.  Run to Him and ask Him to help you.  Don’t be ashamed to confess to God.  He knows everything, anyway.

Don’t be afraid to share your true feelings.  If you feel you can’t trust Him then tell Him just that.  Even if you struggle with believing in Him, tell Him!  He knows anyway, just be open and honest and ask Him to help you.  Honest repentance leads to change.

God longs to show Himself mighty and powerful.  He wants to show us that He is real.  He longs to show us what He’s capable of.  God’s ways are almost beyond our limited comprehension.  He’s so amazing.  He’s unlike anything else so He understands that we may struggle with giving our all to Him.

We may never be perfect, but we can be faithful.

If you’re hurting just tell Him, but don’t turn your back on Him.  If you don’t see how things could get better, just express yourself to Him but don’t distrust Him.

Don’t lose faith when things are harsh.  Life will always have struggles, but we have to be strong enough to not blame God every time something goes wrong.  God will discipline us and allow certain hardships to occur so that we can build a strong spirit, a worthy character, a humble attitude, and a thankful heart.

So, no matter what don’t lose faith.  Accept that you will never be perfect, but never lose faith.

Tell yourself “I may not be perfect and life may not be perfect, but I will keep my faith.”

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Perfect, Be Faithful

  1. Love it!! I kept thinking God Makes All Things New! If only, we gave him a chance: How Mighty he can be in our lives! Great words, I really enjoyed this. I may not be perfect but I am faithful.


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