LOVE Your Children!

May 25th, 2011 153

Everyone loves their kids, right?  Well we all say this, but not all children feel loved.  Check suicide/depression rates, bullying statistics, or even violence among teenagers.

There are many children living under the same roof as their parents or their parent, but they do not feel loved.  If a child feels unloved, then there is a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

I get it, there are many factors and situations and I know I don’t know everything, but as long as a kid is a kid the parent is in control.  The parent has great influence over the parent-child relationship.

I see it with my own eyes every day: moms snatching kids in the grocery store over trivial things, yelling and screaming at the kid with extreme anger, constant criticism.

Kids are people, yet they are sometimes treated as ‘creatures’ that are supposed to withstand anything that adults throw their way.

Kids should be respected, loved, cared for, and attended to with gentleness.  I get it, no one’s perfect and we’ll all make mistakes, but we should all work hard to truly LOVE our children.  They get one childhood and how unfortunate for the child willing to do anything to get out of their parent’s home.

Kids didn’t ask to be born.  We brought them here because of our decisions.  We should give them what they deserve- LOVE.  And if you’re unable to give them what they deserve, maybe you should find someone who can.

We’ve all heard the stories of parents who snapped.  Get some support if it’s needed, that’s fine and honestly it’s respectable!

Don’t let pride keep you from fixing a problem.  The course of a child’s life is greatly affected by their upbringing.  We all can look back and see how our decisions were affected by our home life.

If we want our kids to be successful, we must give them LOVE.  There is no substitute.

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