20 Ways to Love Your Children!


1. Give them a long hug.

2. Kiss them.

3. Tell them that you will always love them- no matter what.

4. Hold their hand in public.

5. Talk and pray with them before bed.

6. Greet them with excitement after school.

7. Put love notes in their backpacks/lunch boxes.

8. Praise them to others- in front of them.

9. Look at them in the eye when they’re talking to you.

10. Do homework and read with them.

11. Spend time in their room.  Do nothing, just lie across their bed.

12. Take them on a date to their favorite restaurant for no reason at all.

13. Write them a love note and put it on their bedroom door.

14. Tell them you’re proud of them.

15. Cook them their favorite dinner.

16. Ask for their opinion.

17. Have a conversation with them in a room full of people.

18. Put them on your lap.

19. Play board games/Wii/or anything else fun with them.

20. Tickle them!

2 thoughts on “20 Ways to Love Your Children!

  1. And because of this they grow up to be great adults who will love their kids…never forget to instill foundation of Jesus Christ…….


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