Happiness Is NOT Joy!

Pastor Michael Todd
Pastor Michael Todd

Pastor Michael Todd delivered a powerful message on Sunday regarding joy.  It really enlightened me so I must share with you all!

1. You cannot have joy if you do not have Christ.  Joy is the fruit of having right relationship with God.

2. Joy gets full in the presence of God.  Feeling low on joy?  Spend more time with God.

3. Happiness is the joy counterfeit.  Happiness is not dependable and it’s based on emotions and circumstances.  Circumstances change so therefore happiness is not dependable.

4. Joy is not based on circumstances.  Joy is consistent.  You can go through bad times but with the presence of God you can still be joyful.  God eclipses your problems and makes trouble seem like rubble.

5. Joy is fueled by a promise.  When you have a promise you can stay joyful no matter what you go through.  The Bible is filled with promises if you don’t have anything to stand on.  Joy is not about the now; it’s about what’s coming.  Don’t get bogged down by what you see, keep your eyes on the promise.

3 Things That Steal Your Joy:

1. Sin

2. Cares of this life

3. Trials

So, don’t get distracted or discouraged by what’s going on around you.  No matter what we go through, we CAN remain joyful!  Don’t let anything steal your joy!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Happiness Is NOT Joy!

  1. Girl that was a good word there is no doubt about that! I am ready to hear about peace! Joy Comes After Love and Before Peace!!!!!!


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