Can You Receive?


We all dream, pray, and wait for things to get better but can you receive?

There will come a day that you’ll get what you’ve been waiting for.  Will you be able to receive it? Will you be prepared? Will you have the capacity to receive?

Things are important things to consider. Dreamers must always stay conscious to the fact that today’s situation is only temporary. If we are committed to growing, praying, and believing then things will always be changing.

Are we open to change? In order to receive better things we must be open to change. There is no way that we can receive the things that we dream for without embracing change. Things must change- it’s inevitable.

If we oppose change then we may be opposing the things that we are praying for!

Change is tough, scary, and uncomfortable; but if we want a wonderful life we must embrace change.

So, keep believing for better things while praying for a spirit that welcomes change and not fights it.

Get ready to receive all the good things that will be coming your way.

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