1. Always stay grateful.  Be positive and thankful for what you have.  Be grateful for even the small things. Smile and say thank you when someone holds the door open for you because they didn’t have to do it.  If they didn’t do it you would call them rude, so thank them when they do it.  Also, staying grateful in relationships is sure to keep them vibrant.

2. Remember it has been worse before and can always get worse again.  Think back on past hard times and you’re sure to appreciate today much more.  Be thankful for what you have today because it’s more than you had last year.  Compare hard times with the good times and you are sure to be thankful for today.

3. Slow down and enjoy what you have.  Sometimes we overlook many blessings!  We’re so accustomed to having them around that we take them for granted.  Use what you have.  Take advantage of your resources.  Enjoy your kids, your relationships, your comfortable home.  Slow down and enjoy the moment.

4. Stop shopping!  We live in a society of always getting ‘new things’!  If we are constantly needing new things then this may be a sign that we are not thankful for what we have.  Buying new things makes us feel good at the moment but that ‘happy’ feeling quickly wears off leaving us to go spend even more money.  I’ve found that the more I’m shopping the less I’m appreciating what I already have.  Don’t even go to the mall.  Put limits on your shopping.

5. Give things away.  There are others who would really appreciate some of the things that you are not even using.  Maybe it’s a pair of shoes or maybe it’s a picture frame; whatever it is just give things away.  Giving things away will make you feel good and it will also clear out your space so you can really use and appreciate those things that you do need.

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