Accept the good, Reject the bad

Sometimes we get so accustomed to the bad things in life that we end up rejecting the good. We must stay focused on making sure that we are not sabotaging our lives and pushing good things away.

In love we go through many break-ups, let-downs, and heartaches that we often begin to think that we will never find that true love. We continue to date but in the back of our head we think “He’s lying” or “I will never find the one for me.”

These feelings are not truth! No matter how much bad we receive we must always pray that our hearts will be mended so that we can love again. We must never become bitter and angry, attacking the good things that may come our way. We mustn’t let our past, nor our feelings sabotage us.

We must always give people a clean slate. When dating, I’ve said “I will always believe every word that comes out of your mouth until I catch you in a lie.” If they are lying about anything it will come to the surface. It always does.

We have to stay open and positive so that we don’t push a good thing away. We must start each day by forgiving ourselves for past mistakes and we must also forgive those who hurt us yesterday.

Forgiveness is critical for us to move on and get good things. Think about this. Consider those people that haven’t forgiven those who hurt them. It may be family, friends, or exes.

People that don’t forgive are usually angry people! We must forgive those who hurt us in order to move on with our lives and get good things!

In closing, this post is a reminder for us to accept the good and reject the bad. To accomplish that we must forgive, trust, and start each day with a new attitude!

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