How To Encourage Yourself?

1. Go to The Lord. Always go to God first with the problem.

2. Be quiet. Don’t make quick decisions to relieve pressure. Wait and rely on God. Trust Him and be anchored.

3. Ask for guidance. Some decisions may feel good to you but may hurt others around you. Just hold on. God won’t bless sin. Remember, we always reap what we sow.

4. Stay faithful and obedient. God always follows through on His Word.

5. Trust God. Don’t trust yourself or your abilities, trust God.

A few key points:

* When you follow God you will make unpopular decisions. Don’t worry about what people think.

* Keep moving. Keep a clear conscience. Keep executing. Don’t make excuses.

* Don’t question God’s plan. God will never harm you, He wants the BEST for you.

* The more God uses you the more you will have to suffer.

* Don’t ever forget what He’s already done or where you’ve come from.

I attended Pastor Lawrence People’s church and heard this message back in April. I was reviewing my journal today and this was a perfect reminder for me so I wanted to share it with you all!

I hope it encouraged you just as it did me!


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