15 Things We Should All Do!

number 15

1. We should all practice being more intentional with our words.  We should speak what we would like to see.

2. We should spend more time around people that make us feel comfortable and less time around people that don’t make us feel comfortable.

3. We should pray to discern concern from nosiness.

4. We should always try to keep our word.  Even on little things.

5. We should always vent to someone that we can trust.  Getting things out just makes everything better.

6. We should take time to always plan for the upcoming day and not just wander around aimlessly.

7. We should smile and speak to people in passing.  Even when they don’t seem friendly we should still show kindness and gentleness to them.

8. We should always try to get a good night’s sleep.  Everything is better when we’re rested and everything seems worse when we’re tired.

9. We should not share too much personal information with everyone.  Some things are personal, some things are public.

10. We should avoid disagreements when we can.  A smile and a phrase like “interesting” or “I see” can save us from pointless conversations and disputes.

11. We should all strive to worry less about what others may think about us, our decisions, and our lives.

12. We should set boundaries and expectations with people when needed to prevent them from taking advantage of us.

13. We should limit our time on social media.  It can be a time-waster, it can promote gossip and nosiness, and it can prevent us from PERSONALLY interacting with loved ones.

14. We should all know what makes us happy and we should do it often.  Like now I’m writing and I feel better than I did before I started writing this.  🙂

15. We should all focus more on being calm, worrying less, and enjoying our life!

Now off to bed I go!



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