Don’t do these 5 things at work


1. Curse.  I get it, we’re all adults and we all have our flaws but the workplace is not the place for cursing.  The workplace is a professional environment and cursing is everything but professional.  Don’t even curse around people you are comfortable with at work.  You never know when they may be asked to speak on your performance and I’m pretty sure that they’ll recall your potty mouth.

2. Gossip.  Not only is this inappropriate out of work but it is highly inappropriate in the workplace.  Word travels fast in a work environment and you don’t want to slander someone’s name unnecessarily, nor do you want to be labeled the ‘office gossip’.  We all know that person who knows everything about everyone.  The funny thing is that most of the time those people are not being promoted.  Use your time more wisely.  Don’t gossip.

3. Be negative.  Negative people are so draining!  I’m not saying be naïve, but definitely don’t be negative.  Balance your feedback and also acknowledge the positives.  When you do have negative feedback be sure and give it to the right person.  If you have suggestions on a company process or policy it may not be productive to share it with your co-worker.  Share it with a leader or someone who can actually do something.

4. Nag.  Just being honest, NAGGERS ARE ANNOYING.  Don’t nag, complain, and exaggerate issues.  Do your job with as less drama as possible.  I’ve worked with people that seemed to always have issues and it seemed that they stressed themselves out more than anyone else!  Be calm.  Don’t bother your manager unnecessarily.  Use your resources.  Don’t pester people.  Just be pleasant and get the job done.

5. Join cliques.  You’re at the job to work, not to form clubs.  Cliques can be dangerous because they exclude others, they form stereotypes and misleading perceptions, they may limit you from opportunities, and they also breed gossip.  Cliques make people feel comfortable because they are accepted by others, but if you need a clique to make you feel comfortable then you may need to spend time developing your own identity.  Also, leaders don’t need cliques.  They feel adequate being solo.  Be a leader, not a member of a clique.

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