12 of Margo’s Thoughts!


Hello My Dear Readers!

I was looking through an old journal that I used to write down random thoughts & I decided I’d share them with you all.  Enjoy!

1. Like David and Solomon, greatness only comes from greatness.

2. When things are good they can always be greater.  When things are bad they can always be worse.

3. One day I want to adopt kids like Angelina Jolie.  (She is one of my favorite celebrities!)

4. Focus on bettering yourself so people can’t help but love you.

5. Happy people speak positive/good words, unhappy people speak negative/bad words.

6. Who you were is not who you are, and who you are is not who you will be IF you are committed to growing.

7. Sometimes you have to die to live.

8. What I’m doing is not what I’m capable of, it’s just the best decision for me right now.

9. A successful life is one based on learning- learning how to operate in the established laws in order to get results.  Living life based on feelings will lead to destruction.

10. Whenever you’re in a hurtful/painful situation don’t be so quick to escape the pain.  Deal with it, reflect, and learn from its so that you won’t find yourself in the same situation again.

11. It’s possible to know exactly what you want then have an encounter with someone that makes you question those wants.

12. Daily life fights you for your greatness.  Sometimes just don’t do the dishes.  🙂


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