LOVE: Love and Parenting

It’s much easier to be a single-parent than to be an in love parent.

Single parents are able to give all of themselves to their children, while in love parents have to balance themselves.

In love parents have to balance their love. They must be intentional to keep their kids a priority or else the kids will get booted. Parents don’t boot their children intentionally; they’ve just lost their balance.

I’ve been a single parent for so long and I’ve practically given my all to my precious Maraya. She knows her spot, she gets her attention, she’s used to getting practically ALL of me.

So, what happens when mommy falls in love? Everyone connected must be aware of the delicate circumstance. Mommy must balance her love. She must balance her love between her #1 love and her newfound love.

Note to self: Balance your love, Margo.

3 thoughts on “LOVE: Love and Parenting

  1. So true! It’s hard splitting your time between the two, especially when your child is so used to getting all of you. Good thing single parents usually have big enough hearts to balance it all. 🙂


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