What are YOU good at?

This is your key to greatness. Your prosperity is closely linked to your preferences. I’ve said it before- we should ENJOY our work! We should enjoy making money. We should all strive to make a living by doing what we love.

Love cooking? Consider work related to cooking. Love doing make-up? There are people making great money by doing make-up. Love sports? There are tons of jobs related to sports even if you are not the athlete.

The point is that we should all open our minds to explore what we REALLY want to do. We should spend time pondering what we’re good at. We should take steps to get to where we want to be.

I understand we can’t always switch careers at the drop of a dime, but we only get one life and we should do everything in our power to get to where we REALLY want to be.

It may not be easy, but anything worth having won’t come easy. Don’t be discouraged by obstacles. Don’t shy away from new experiences.

Take some time to consider what you’re good at and then do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be.

What are YOU good at?

2 thoughts on “What are YOU good at?

  1. Great post, you are right there is so much opportunity out there for us to find something within the boundaries of our interests.


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