Appreciate the good AND bad


If it weren’t for the bad times we wouldn’t even recognize the good times.  We’d take it for granted thinking that the good was just normal.  The bad times help us to appreciate the good times.  They help us to truly enjoy the good in our lives.

The bad hurts but it makes us humble.  During bad times is when we develop our character. We must develop character to be able to effectively handle the good times.  The bad times give us compassion.  We understand others more because we ourselves have had some bad times.

We mustn’t go through life hating bad times.  We must buckle down and handle what comes our way knowing that it won’t last forever.  Bad times hurt bad, but they don’t last long.  We must appreciate the good things that will be birthed out of the bad times.

We also have to focus on appreciating the good times.  Don’t take the good times for granted.  Don’t get arrogant, just enjoy what you have.  I mean truly enjoy what you have.  Savor each moment and be thankful because there is someone out there who wishes they could be in your shoes.

Be thankful for everything.  Appreciate the good AND the bad because they work together to simply make us better.

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