Education Without Character?


What’s the point of educating yourself without developing your character? It’s pointless if you ask me.

Getting a degree may get you in the door, but without a developed character you won’t get very far.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of a true education.”

I couldn’t agree with this more strongly. I believe we sometimes downplay the importance of having a mature character.

It seems that we are concerned with getting degrees, money, and promotions; but we tend to overlook the importance of developing our character and our attitudes.

Our character, beliefs, and attitudes may limit us more than we think. If we are not challenging ourselves to be better and do better we may be holding ourselves back.

People enjoy working with people who are positive, pleasant, and decent.   We don’t have to be perfect, but we should strive to be decent.

Don’t waste your time getting a degree if you are not committed to complete growth. We should be dedicated to developing our entire being.

We should be committed to developing a strong, ethical character.

Education + Character = Success.

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