Forgiveness is Critical to Success

The truth of the matter is that you won’t get very far in life if you don’ t learn how to forgive. We should all make an effort to become masters in forgiveness.

We must learn to forgive ourselves. If we don’t learn to forgive ourselves we begin to have low self-esteem and we look at ourselves like we’re practically worthless. We think very little of ourselves because we are still toting around all the bad decisions we’ve made and horrible things we’ve done.

We must forgive ourselves and leave the past in the past. We can not view ourselves based on the things we’ve done. Nope, we are bigger and better than the mistakes that we’ve made. We must learn to forgive ourselves.

We must learn to forgive others! This is huge. People that don’t forgive others become angry, critical people. They are toting their hurts with them everywhere they go, and they develop a victim-mentality.

Not forgiving others causes us to point the finger; we don’t hold ourselves accountable for our lives. “Well they did this…” Or, “If my parents…..”. This way of thinking is not productive. It will actually limit us and hold us back from a great life. We must forgive others in order to reach our full potential.

God is the ultimate forgiver. Him forgiving me truly moves me to forgive others. Not only does the Bible tell us to forgive, but if we really think about it we should be eager to forgive. We’re all imperfect and we’ll all need for others to be gracious in forgiving us! God forgives us, restores us, redirects us, and continues to love us no matter what we do! That in itself makes forgiveness a little bit easier.

Forgiveness it not always easy. At times it can be extremely hard! But just know that if you want success in your life then forgiveness is mandatory. It’s mind over matter. Just know deep down that it WILL pay off. I just know it will. We can’t always do what we ‘feel’ like doing. Feelings can be so misleading.

So, no matter how you feel ALWAYS FORGIVE. Forgiveness is critical to success.

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