God is so GOOD

God is so GOOD that he’ll make you good. His goodness even has a trickle down effect. He’s good, he’ll make you good, people are then good to you, and then ultimately your entire life is good.

I’m not saying your life will be perfect, but I am saying that your life will be better than before. I sometimes just sit in amazement when I think about how the goodness of God has changed my life. He is so GOOD.

God makes old things new, ugly things beautiful, rejected things accepted, and he makes bad things GOOD. We all have a certain level of ‘badness’ in us, but God pulls the good out of us. He’s so good that he makes us aware of the good things about ourselves. We all have good things within us that we may not be aware of. God makes us better people.

I’m not saying that God makes us perfect. We’re all human and will always sin. None of us will ever be perfect, but God will make us GOOD. He’s so good to us and he offers so many good benefits that we are sort of persuaded to do good and be good.

There are times when I still get the urge to do things that I know would not be pleasing to God, but then I sit and think about his goodness: I think about how He has changed me for the better, I think about how He has already forgiven me for so much, I think about all the GOOD things that He has in store for me. There are some things that only God can make happen.

I’m not perfect, but I’m GOOD because of the goodness of God. My life is not perfect, but it’s GOOD because of the goodness of God.

God is just that GOOD.

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