No doubt about it, my richest relationships began to come along once I decided to say no to sex. When you say no to sex, you are forcing them to REALLY get to know you. You also will really get to know them.

The interesting thing is that you also have to really know yourself. You have to know yourself so that you can share yourself with others via conversation and not just sex. There is a strong connection with not truly knowing yourself and just giving yourself away freely. The more you truly know yourself, the more you will value yourself, and then it becomes easier to say no to sex.

Relationships are deeper and have more substance when sex is not involved. You feel closer to that person than you do when you are having sex, because the relationship is bigger than that.

Sex attempts to deceive us. We feel close to them because we’ve gotten physically close, but physical closeness can’t stand next to emotional closeness. There is no competition.

Also, we feel pressured to stay with someone once we’ve had sex with them even though the relationship is not right. If you’ve never slept with them, once you decide the relationship is not working, you just leave. Relationships without sex are less complicated. Not having sex gives you freedom- freedom to do what’s best for you!

Emotional bonds have absolutely nothing to do with sex. Since I said no to sex I’ve really learned how powerful communication is! Communication can bring you closer to an individual than you think! So don’t think sex, sex, sex; instead think talk, talk, talk! I promise you will get better results.

I’m sharing this because I know we’re all at different stages in life and there was once a time when I didn’t live the way I live now. I want to save someone else some heartache by sharing some of my own personal experiences.

I would have never imagined that relationships would be so good without sex; let’s face it- sex is good! But, it does not at all compare to having someone adore you, respect you, care for you, and you’ve given them no sex at all!

Nothing compares. So, there you go. The thought of the day: No sex is best.

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