Persistence Leads To Success

Persistence may be the key to getting what we want out of this life. Determine what you want, then get persistent and don’t rest until you get what you desire.

I’m a firm believer that we can get ‘almost’ anything in life that we want. Hear me, I’m not saying that we are in complete control, but I am saying that we play a very large role in the outcome of our lives.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves or we don’t think we’re good enough. Some people don’t think they’re smart enough or tall enough. But we should all get to a place with ourselves to where we are completely comfortable within our own skin.

We should all be confident in our abilities, our talents, our strengths, and our weaknesses. We all have them. No one is perfect, but I believe that our success lies within us fully embracing ourselves.

We must get to know ourselves so we can gain confidence in what we have to offer. We all have plenty of things to offer.

So, what I’m saying is to:

1. Get to know yourself. Your values, your strengths, your weaknesses, your desires, your dreams.

2. Gain confidence. Get comfortable within your skin, be comfortable being you, stop pretending, faking, and fronting. Be confident of everything that you are.

3. Get persistent! Don’t stop til’ you get what you want! Work hard, don’t quit, show yourself approved, stay PERSISTENT!

Persistence leads to success.


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