LADIES: Your Heart Shows

Ladies, how we feel on the inside shows on the outside. How we dress, our conversation, and what we expect from life and others all demonstrate to the world who we really are and how we really feel.

Sometimes we don’t realize that certain things are obvious no matter what we say. The pictures we share on social media, our statuses, our messages all show who we really are on the inside.

If a woman is insecure she may be easy, if a woman is lonely she may dress provocatively, if a woman is desperate she may date anyone.

I’m not at all saying that this is always the case, but what I am saying is that our heart will always be obvious to others. Sometimes people can identify things about us that we have not even accepted about ourselves.

Like the liar who tries so hard to cover up lies that it’s obvious he’s lying, is the woman who tries to cover up her true heart. Don’t ignore and avoid the obvious. Deal with it.

Drop the pride. We’re all human and we’ve all felt certain feelings. So deal with the heart issues and get yourself together. As long as you conceal your issues you will never get what you really need.

Get your heart together, get real with yourself, and get what you really need.

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