LOVE: What’s Next?


What’s next in love for me?  I don’t know but my next move will be my best move.

Progress in life is a necessity so I must progress with love just as I do anything else.

The good thing about not being married is there is no life-long commitment yet; I’m still free.

I’m free to love, leave, explore, learn, love, and leave again.

Before I make a forever commitment I must be sure that I’ll never want to leave.

There will come a day that I will never want to live without that special one.

One day I will say “I do” and I will do whatever it takes.

I’ll do whatever it takes to keep us on top, in love, at our best.

There will come a time when I will never say “What’s next?”

There will come a time when it will just be me and him- Me and him against whatever.

That love that we would die for.  That love that gives us breath, life, happiness, and peace.

Yes, I want my love to give me life.

I know deep down that I’m getting closer to that one, and I must be honest I’m enjoying the journey.

Until I arrive, “What’s next?”

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