Katelyn Chambers wreck

This internship is doing more than exposing me to the inner workings of a newsroom- it’s changing me.

Today I vowed to stop texting and driving.  Yes, I’m admitting to texting while driving.  But now I’m stopping.

8 yr. old Katelyn Chambers was killed by a distracted driver.

Katelyn Chambers

I have an 8 yr. old daughter.  Being on the inside of news stories makes it more personal.  Watching the news from home is impersonal and you may say “Aww, that’s sad” while viewing devastating news, but you continue to the kitchen to pour yourself a drink.  You’re not deeply moved.

For me, being in the newsroom gives me a totally different perspective.  I internalize the stories.  As I watched this story today I thought about my daughter Maraya.  She’s also 8, I was almost moved to tears.

Another story that has really impacted me is about a 20 year old pregnant woman who was shot in the head.  She’s 5 ½ months pregnant and was shot by either her boyfriend or her brother.  Tragic situation.  She’s fighting for her life and is in critical condition.  This saddens my heart.

Every one of us wakes up each morning and we have no idea what the day may bring.  Tragedies are real and they’re affecting real people like me and you.

This internship is changing me.  I’m deciding to become more responsible; more aware of the decisions that I make.  I’m learning to be more compassionate; understanding that real people are battling real issues.

This internship is changing me for the better.

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