Who Are You Around?


The people that we’re around are shaping who we’re becoming.  Sometimes we overlook the importance of right relationships.  We should be around people who we respect, admire, and who have respectable character traits.

I’ve once heard that we are becoming like the 5 people that we spend most of our time around.  Consider that.  Who are the top 5 people you’re around?  How are they?  Do they have traits that you desire or traits that you despise?

Don’t underestimate the power of your environments.  Sometimes we can be too confident in ourselves and think “Oh, I can hang with them but I won’t be like them.”  Or, “Yes, I’m around them but I don’t do what they do.”

You may not be doing it now, but if you hang around them for long enough eventually you will pick up their habits- good or bad.  Think about how we pick up the lingo of our friends or how we try out the restaurants that they speak of.  Our relationships encourage us to do many things, whether it’s direct or indirect.

Sometimes their influence can be subtle, other times people try to flat out control us.  Either way the people that we are around are definitely shaping us.  They are making us better or worse. There is no way around that.


Take inventory on your relationships.  Observe your friends, watch them, listen to them, and question them.  Question yourself- ask yourself are you really using your time or your life wisely.  Do your relationships bring out the best in you or the worse?  Do your relationships make you feel better about yourself or worse about yourself?

These are all important questions that we should ask ourselves.  Don’t take this lightly.  Your friends are shaping you, whether you realize it or not.

Consider this- “Do not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good character.”  Be in the company of people who make you better.  Your life depends on it.

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