Obedience Is Critical To Success

Everyone wants to achieve success and receive good things out of life. We all want to be successful. We may define it differently, but we all want it- success.

Why are we not attaining it? Why does success seem so hard to grasp? Why are only a select few living the life that others only dream of?

Obedience. Obedience is critical to success. Obedience keeps us on the path that we must travel in order to reach our success. Obedience demonstrates our level of dedication, faithfulness, and determination. Our obedience shows that we are serious about what we want out of life.

We must all get to a point of wanting success so bad that we are able to put away the foolish, trivial things. We mustn’t focus on money or material items because success is bigger than that, but we must focus our minds on what really matters.

First, one must determine what success looks like to them. You must envision your ideal future- Who’s there, what does it look like, what are you doing, what is your career, who are you helping.. These are questions that will help us determine what we’re striving toward.

Secondly, one must figure out how to make it happen. What has to be done, what do I need to stop doing, what do I need to start doing, do I need new friends, do I need a mentor, should I be in church, do I need rehab, etc. Whatever it is, whatever it takes, get it done if you want to achieve success. Don’t let pride hold you back.

Thirdly, stay obedient. You may ask, obedient to what or whom? Personally, it’s vital for me to stay connected to God and remain obedient to Him. God keeps me grounded, anchored, and good. I’m not perfect and believe me there are things that I’d be doing (that are not honorable) if it weren’t for God keeping me on the right track.

Finally, just know that life is not easy for any of us. We’re all fighting some type of battle and the struggles don’t disappear once you’ve decided that you’re focused on your future, but don’t stop fighting.

Once you envision the life you want to live and the things you want to accomplish, do whatever it takes to see your dreams come to pass. Don’t give up.

Picture it, plan it, and stay persistent. Remain obedient, make good decisions, and success will soon be ours.


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