A Young Boy…

A young boy could do nothing better than to find a good mentor or father figure if he has no father in the home. Statistics show that fatherless homes are more prone to poverty and crime. I’ve personally seen an Oprah show where grown men still hurt and cry from the pains of not having their father around.

I’m currently reading the memoir of Clarence Thomas and he was raised by his grandfather. He wrote “The family farm and our unheated oil truck became my most important classrooms…”

There are some habits that must be learned during childhood to prevent many unnecessary hardships. Character traits like: hard work, obedience, discipline, and respect definitely top the list. These traits can take us a long way.

I strongly believe that all of our lives could’ve been significantly worse with just a slight adjustment of factors. Maybe it was your dad, mother, grandpa, aunt, a teacher, a pastor, or even a neighbor who took an interest in you.

We must all be extremely thankful for the lives we’ve lived and the struggles we didn’t have to experience. We must never stop expressing our appreciation to those who have helped shape who we are. We must thank them for preventing us from going hungry, feeling unloved, or being abused.

There is a huge burden placed upon men. They are the leader of the home and they have a huge role on the heartbeat of society.

The purpose of this post is to encourage you to show some love to a young boy who needs love and direction. You never know the difference you may make.

While discussing the impact that his grandfather had on his life, Clarence Thomas wrote that he may have been “doomed to a dismal life of ignorance, perhaps even of crime- a life lost before it started.”

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