5 Signs He’s Not The One

1. He won’t commit. If he says he adores you but won’t commit to you, there is something wrong. If he’s not expressing dissatisfaction with you then there is something else going on with him. You don’t have to run away, but gradually pull yourself away before you get too involved with him.

2. He pressures you for sex. I know a lot of us view sex very differently but hear me on this. Obviously, I’m no virgin because I do have a daughter but I do believe that relationships without sex are best. I’m at a place now of waiting until marriage. Regardless of your views, if he pressures you for sex (especially early on) then he is probably not the one. If you express to him that you want to wait until marriage and he still pressures you for sex, he is definitely not the one. That is a sign to run.

3. He’s confused. If you see many areas in his life that he is unsure about then he may not be ready for a serious relationship. You don’t want to be involved with a man who is confused about himself, his life, or his future. You don’t have to run but stay on guard and don’t expect him to be certain about you. Remember, he’s confused about life it’s not just you.

4. He’s dishonest. Okay, there are somethings that we can overlook but lying is not one of them. We can’t expect perfection, but we should expect honesty. Don’t overlook things or make excuses for his inconsistencies. Pay attention, listen carefully, and if you notice that things aren’t adding up he may not be the one. Always trust your instincts.

5. He doesn’t include you. He may make you feel wonderful, be available, and even support you; but if he isn’t including you in on his life this is a huge problem. A man who truly adores us will show us off and place us on a pedestal. He should invite us to his home, his church, and we should meet his family. If he doesn’t then he’s probably not serious about us and we shouldn’t be serious about him either.

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