Students get deal on iPads


Are you a student?  Need an iPad?  If so, you get a discount.  This shouldn’t be taken lightly because Apple is not known to have sales or discounted pricing.  Why would they?  People pay top dollar for their devices because they see the value.

The discounts are as follows: $20 off iPad mini and iPad 4, while the iPad air is $30 off.  With these discounts you can get an iPad for as low as $279.

I purchased my iPad mini with a wireless Logitech keyboard back in November and I’ve been extremely pleased.  The picture quality is amazing, it’s light and compact so it’s easy to tote, and I really enjoy the immediate turn on.  There is no delay like with a laptop.

The Apple website has a very handy comparison chart that really helped me.  It compares the different models so you can make an informed decision.  Check it out here.

If you’ve been considering buying an iPad, now may be your time.



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