Internship Day 2: A Success


Today has been a success.  I spent a lot of time with noon anchor Havonna Johnson.  She gave me a lot of pointers.  I plan to spend a lot of my time with her.
I also got to sit in on a live newscast!  I was only feet away from the anchors-Lori Fullbright and Craig Day.  They were incredible.  Pitch changes, facial expressions, body gestures, they have it all down.
I’ve built tons of relationships!  I am so thankful for that.  Relationships will be key to my success here.  I’m thankful that people are welcoming me and taking me in.

Ty, a photographer, told me to have a plan.  I’m definitely taking his advice.  There is no way that I will walk away from this internship without taking full advantage of it.  I have lots to do.

I feel so grateful.  Me and my fellow intern and new friend Kaylin discussed how privileged we are to be here.  She attends Oral Roberts University and many of her classmates applied but they were not accepted.

I’m extremely thankful for this opportunity.  Today has been a success.

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