Love Just Is


Love is not dependent on one’s behavior or what they do for us. When we truly love someone, we love them even when they do nothing for us. If someone stops doing things for us and we no longer feel affection toward them this may not be love. Love should not be tied to what we are getting out of the deal.

When we love someone we simply love their being. We love them for who they are. External factors mean very little. We can watch them, listen to them, talk to them, they can be doing nothing but we still feel tender affections for them.

Love is more than just words. Some men beat their women and say “I love you”. Other men don’t say “I love you” but they show love with their actions. Love is even displayed through word choice and tone of voice. When a man loves a woman his manner of speech changes with her.

Love is understanding. When you love someone you understand them. You are not critical of them because you understand their ways. You inspire them to do better and you don’t beat them down because of their faults.

Love just is.


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