Day 1 of Internship!

Three words describe how I currently feel: excited, overwhelmed, and nervous.

I’m excited about the opportunity. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to where I ultimately want to be in life.

I feel overwhelmed due to the amount of information that was presented today. There will be a lot to absorb!

I’m nervous because I know that I’m in control of my success with the internship. In a sense it’s a ‘sink or swim’ environment. I understand the importance of me jumping in there, building relationships, and getting er’ done; but it is a new environment so I am slightly nervous.

One of my first realizations is how fast-paced the news industry is. Our coordinator had to step away to handle a few items even while showing us around. I can tell that it’s imperative to get things done NOW.

I sat in on the morning meeting where they discussed news stories and items to cover. I met the other interns and they were all super friendly. We’re all girls! There may be one guy but he didn’t show up today. Maybe he didn’t want to hang with all us girls. 🙂

It was pretty cool to get to see the local celebrities. I was able to see two well-known anchors: Jennifer Loren and Leann Taylor. Hopefully I’ll get to learn from them during the internship.

One of my favorite parts was walking through the actual studio. It was a very special feeling to be up close and personal with the actual anchor desk.

That’s where the magic happens and I was right there.

Day 1 was great. The internship is 10 weeks and I’m looking forward to getting in on some action. Stay tuned.


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