Don’t Mess It Up

Humans have a habit of messing things up. We sometimes sabotage our own lives by the decisions we make. We’re in more control of our future than we sometimes think.

Our eyes show us what’s out in front of us, but they don’t as easily show us ourselves. Our thinking, our attitudes, and most importantly our actions affect us more than we know.

What we do now will bring us consequences later. We must not rely on how we ‘feel’. We must move to a deeper level of living to ensure that we don’t continuously mess things up.

We must sit and reflect to ensure that we don’t mess our lives up, our relationships, or our opportunities. We have to be clear-minded to ensure that we can make effective decisions.

Ultimately, we’re in control of our lives. If we don’t take control of it and make better decisions, we can only blame ourselves.

So I encourage you to sit, reflect, and gain a clear-mind to ensure that you are making decisions that will bring you a happy, healthy life. We should all strive to make decisions today that we will be satisfied with later.

Do better because if you keep messing things up you can only blame yourself.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Mess It Up

  1. I spent a good deal of my life doing self examination etc. And as much as I usually agree and find your posts very compelling, this time I have to chime in. Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood.
    What you’re talking about screams of fear and shame based thinking to me. I think shame is an ineffective means for change. Shaming your children only leads to making them feel bad about themselves and lowers self esteem. It rarely leads to positive behavior for the right reasons. People make mistakes and always will.

    In the last 6 months I’ve come across a different, simpler motivation for change. If it doesn’t feel good, you’re going about it in the wrong way! Change courses. Whether it means your job, relationships, perspectives, whatever. Try it. It works. Then again, I don’t really believe we are ultimately in control of our own lives, but I do believe everything happens for a reason and for most negative events that occur there is an even greater positive which is imminent. You just have to allow or to reveal itself.


    1. Hey lady! Thanks for sharing your perspective. Good points and I agree with you in that shaming children is ineffective. I would never do Maraya that way. Not sure which point you read that gave you the understanding that I support shaming. The point that I’m making is that we all have tendency to mess things up, we’re all human so of course we’ll make mistakes. But there are some people that are living horrible, depressing lives in this moment simply because of their decisions. This post was just a reminder for us all to watch our decisions b/c ultimately our decisions are shaping our life. I agree with you- We are not in ultimate control, but I believe that our way of living and the decisions we make affect us greatly. 🙂


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