LIFE: Forget Logistics

Love your life

Sometimes we spend too much time focusing on logistics.  We use rules and checklists to help us succeed in life.  No doubt the logistics of life are important, but we mustn’t forget what really counts.

Some people have everything figured out logistically, but don’t have a clue emotionally.  These are the people that may ‘appear’ to be successful; but their relationships are a mess, their friends are few, and honestly they’re not the most likable people.

Logistically they have it all down, but obviously they’re not successful.  Sometimes we have to forget logistics.

Or, what about the people that have it all together and are likable; but deep down inside they’re not happy.  It seems they’ve done everything right, they’ve followed the rules, but they’re not fulfilled.

Again, sometimes we focus more on logistics than we should.  Logistics are extremely valuable, they keep us on task and in order but we must not let logistics rule our lives.

We must stay in tune with our inner gauge that is directing our decisions.  We must focus less on what ‘appears’ to be right, and do more of what is right for us.  We mustn’t live by rules and checklists, we must live freely.

What’s right for one person may not work for someone else. That’s okay.  We must not conform for the sake of conforming.  Sometimes we just have to be bold, step out, and do what’s right for us.

We’re free to do what brings us peace and happiness.  We’re free to love and pursue work that we love.  We’re free to enjoy people.  We’re free to enjoy the world.

We must focus more on loving our lives and less on logistics.

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