GOD: Just Try Him


Will of God

I never want to live without God.  My life has never made so much sense, been in so much order, or given me so much peace.  Being in the will of God allows you to get difficult things done in a graceful manner.  Bystanders watch and wonder “How is he/she able to do that?”  It’s simply the grace of God.

Some people wonder how people serve an invisible God.  My reply is “Just try him.”  There are millions of people self-destructing, addicted to drugs simply because they tried it.  We should keep the same adventurous attitude when it comes to God.  Just try Him.

I have not always been a believer and honestly I struggled for a long time with acknowledging God’s existence, but now no one could ever get me away from him.  I love Him so much.  I need Him.  He’s changed me, my mind, and my life.

I’m accomplishing things now that I would’ve never imagined I’d be tackling.  Problems, heartbreaks, and losses don’t faze me.  I’m in the will of God and I know that everything in this world will work out for my good.  I don’t doubt it.  I recognize He’s in control.  I’m not; I just submit to His authority.

God has showed himself to me in so many ways.  He’s pulled me through so many situations.  He’s saved me from trouble, He’s provided for me, He’s blessed me with wonderful and pure friendships, He’s always showing me that He hears my prayers.

I simply love being in the will of God.  I love being connected to Him.  I have so much peace and hope. Life’s troubles don’t faze me like they used to.  I trust God.

Are you in the will of God?  If not, you should try Him.

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