LOVE: The Ultimate Pacifier


He’ll give you things, even keep you happy; but all the while he’s guarding his heart.  You tell him you love him but he doesn’t feel safe.  He’s there in person but his soul is far away.

Life has hardened his heart; his emotions are majorly out of touch.  You say you want to commit, but he’ll say he doesn’t want to rush.

He’s been hurt, so he’s tough.  Life’s been tough, so he’s rough.  Uneasy and uncertain when it comes to what’s real, he feels it but he’s still unsure if it’s real.  He can’t distinguish what’s real and what’s not.  Life’s been rough so his discernment is off.

Keeping you happy is easy for him; he’ll keep you content, he’ll even give a little bit.  He’ll buy you things, give you time, he’ll pacify you, and make you feel just right.  But his heart he won’t give.  It’s locked from the hurts.  He may even try but he tends to revert.

He stays in a shell, genuine love he rarely feels.  He will pacify you though, make you feel like a Queen; simply because he’s giving you things.  Yes, things he will give, but he won’t give his heart.

He simply pacifies because that’s all he knows to do.  Yes, the ultimate pacifier he is.

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