LADIES: 3 things to make your day better!

Margo 3 things ladies

1. Music.  Music just makes life better.  Play your favorite song, dance around in a mirror & feel like a million bucks.  Play the music loud and if you’re in the car roll the windows down.  Music and hair blowing in the wind is sure to make your day better.

2. Glossy lips.  I absolutely love lip gloss!  I’m not a huge make-up fan; I believe little things make a big difference.  Lip gloss is one of the things I always have with me.  So, put some gloss on and go!  (I’ve actually recently become a huge fan of Vaseline!  It’s cheap and it’s really good for lips- makes them very, very soft!)

3. A dress. It’s something about a woman in a dress.  Dresses make me feel so feminine.  Plus, it’s the weather for them!  Pull out your dresses, show some legs, and embrace your feminine side!

Enjoy the day, ladies!  Do something that makes you happy!  🙂


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