LOVE: You’re Stupid

LOVE You're stupid

You pursued me til’ you got me even when you had her.  I remember when we first met you said “I can’t remember the last time I got a cooked meal.”  Either you’re a huge liar, or she’s sorry.  Either way I’m over you.

You say I was your best friend, but you had her.  You said I was your safe place and your peace, but you had her.  You said with me you could be you, but yes you still kept her.

You told me all of the things I was to you, and yes I believe you, but you didn’t let go of her.  You held onto her while pursing me.  You held onto her while giving you me.  I said stop, but you kept coming.  You didn’t give it all, you simply gave pieces.  You gave many pieces but you still kept her close.

I deserve more than pieces.  I won’t accept just a part.  I want it all.  It feels good to see your texts I can’t lie, and see you call knowing you’re blocked.  It feels good to hear you acknowledge how much you lost in me.  I have peace.

Unfortunately for you (and her) you will try to force her to be something she’s not.  She will never be me.  It will never add up.  You’ve experienced something that she never provided.  She will never be Margo.

You had your chance.  I gave too much.  Now let me be.  As they say, “I’m doing me.”

I always thought you were smarter than this.  You let something go that you’re unable to replace. How stupid.

Now, please stop calling and texting my phone.  You had your time, but now I’m gone.  I’ve decided it’s my time to be free.  Now go live in your little box and let me be me.

I’m free, I’m free, I’m free.  And you’re stupid.

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