Happy Mother’s Day to Me

Happy Mother's Day

I remember when I first laid eyes on him.  He was tall, bright, and defined.  I can remember where I was, who was there, and how I felt.  My first thought (and knowing me I blurted it out) was “Who is that?!”  Needless to say we got very close very fast, and the story began- The beginnings of Maraya.

It’s funny how we never know how life unfolds, or what the future holds.  We don’t know who we’ll be with or who we’ll meet.  We form relationships, we end relationships, but we always live with the outcomes of those relationships.  I’m very thankful for the outcome of that relationship.  I walked away with Maraya.

I remember when I first laid my eyes on her.  She was perfect- a big, beautiful baby weighing 8 lb. 10 oz. at birth.  I looked at her and my eyes filled with tears.  It was love at first sight.

Since then she has brought me so many laughs, many lessons, and many many blessings.  Her presence is a blessing.  She’s so amazing that I sometimes ask how I got so lucky to get her.

To have a healthy, beautiful child is a blessing that I do not overlook.  To be able to birth a child is another blessing in itself.  I’m so fortunate.  I’m a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to Me.

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