Do You Feel Worthy?


Today during a speech a classmate said “If you know what you’re worth, go out and get what you’re worth.”  I absolutely love it.

Knowing our worth is the key to receiving wonderful things in life.  If you don’t feel worthy, you will never leave an abusive relationship. If you don’t feel worthy, you will never demand respect.  Sadly, if you don’t feel worthy you will probably never live a successful life.

Feeling unworthy keeps us hanging onto unhealthy relationships.  Feeling unworthy will prevent you from stepping out to really go after your dreams.  Thoreau said “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.”  If you feel unworthy, most likely you will not have in it you to do this.

To feel worthy means to feel good and deserving respect, praise or attention.  It also means to feel that you have good enough qualities to be considered important or useful.

Do you feel respectable?  Important?  You should and if you don’t you need to spend some quality time with yourself.  Life has a way of trying to make us feel like what we’ve been through, or even what we’ve done.  We should never base our sense of worth on our mistakes or failures.

We all have so much more in us than we sometimes acknowledge.  We shouldn’t base our worthiness on anything material or superficial, either.  Our worthiness must be much deeper than that.

Our character, personality traits, or abilities are all good places to start.  We must really get to know ourselves- our strengths, weaknesses, desires, and dreams.  We really have to look within to find our worth.  Once we find it, we must accept it- flaws and all.  We must be content with our entire being.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to step away from the noise of the world.  Shut everything down and get to know yourself.  Find yourself and find your worth. Find your worth and go after your dreams.

Every single person on Earth should feel worthy.  “Know your worth and go get what you’re worth.”


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