FRIENDS: Value Them


I recently heard someone say “I don’t have friends”.  We’ve all had friend issues- we’ve been betrayed, lied on, used, hurt, or misunderstood.  These friend issues can harden our heart and leave us hurt, bitter, and untrusting.

We can’t let those friend issues prevent us from valuing true friendships.  All of us are human so we’re imperfect beings.  There is no perfect friend, but there are friends out there that will be perfect for us.

According to the Bible, a friend is a person who loves and respects another person.  Much simpler than the requirements that we often tie to our friends.  We must not be so critical of our friends.  Sometimes we expect too much from people- this can damage our friendships.

I’m moving to a place of simply being thankful for people that truly understand me, support me, listen to me, are available, and most importantly want the best for me.  Unfortunately, the world is full of people who may be interested in getting close to you for all the wrong reasons.  We must use wisdom when building and maintaining friendships.

The friends that I value most are those that encourage me.  They simply make me feel better about myself and my life.  You know how some people make you question everything about yourself?  Our friends shouldn’t do that.  Friends should add value to our life, not stress.

I’m thankful for those friends that text me in the morning with a prayer.  I’m thankful for those friends that are there when I need them, even when we don’t talk daily.  Those friends that I can call at any time; happy, sad, or anywhere in between.  They are available to me.

I’m thankful for the real, solid, consistent friendships that I have.  I don’t have many, but sometimes less is more.

We should all value our FRIENDS.  Today let your friends know that they are appreciated.  Text them, call them, email them, send a picture, card, or anything else that will make them feel valued!

Tomorrow isn’t promised and no person can be duplicated.  Value your friends now while you have the opportunity.  Don’t delay.  🙂


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