LOVE: What do men want??

Women often ask “What do mean really want??”  For whatever reason it seems there are misconceptions and misunderstandings about what men want.  So, today I took it upon myself to question the men in my life.  I spoke to black, white, married, single, young, and older men.

I simply asked “Tell me the top 3 things you like in your woman.  Don’t think too long. Tell me the first 3 things that come to mind!”

Here is what I got in no particular order:

1. Respect

2. Honesty

3. Drive

4. Outgoing

5. Jesus

6. Prayer

7. Strong

8. Reciprocal love

9. Tender touch

10. Always willing to have fun

11. Right frame of mind

12. Personality

13. Loyalty

13. Good self esteem

14. Positive attitude towards life

15. Patience

16. Honor

17. Willingness to try, see, and be different

18. Humor

19. Nice nails, fingers, and toes

20. Adventurous

21. Intelligence

22. Independence

I was actually surprised that only one man discussed appearance!  It seems that men are much more concerned with character.  This could explain the relationships that some women look at and say “What is he doing with her??”  I think we have our answer.

I must point out that the only characteristic that I received from multiple men was “Loyalty”.  This is definitely something to think about.  Women, are we loyal?  Another word for loyal is faithful.

As I close, I must share something that one of the men shared with me.  He said, “I prefer to compliment someone who doesn’t need me to live, but needs me to love.”

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