God Always Prepares Us

Life is not fair- we take losses and we’re treated unfairly. Life hurts, but the amazing thing is that God always prepares us.

Life is filled with signs. We get warnings and feelings about what’s to come. We often say “I knew I shouldn’t have done that!” When we ignore those warnings, we’re often sorry for it later.

We must be content in whatever situation we’re in and know that we can make it through. The key is to slow down, get quiet, and let God speak to us about what’s to come. He will prepare us and lace us with strength.

Prayer can be life-changing and life-saving. While in prayer, I’ve been warned about things to come, I’ve had realizations that I wouldn’t have ever known, and I’ve been equipped to handle ‘tough’ stuff.

If we stay close to God He will equip us with His strength and His Word so that we’re able to go through a battle and come out with no scars. He will allow us to walk through fire and not get burned. He truly will help us to live this tough life and not become bitter by all of the losses we take. Preparation is critical to success.

We’ll all take losses, we’ll all mess up, but God is always there to prepare us. God longs to warn us of the things to come. We must stay sensitive and humble so we can hear his warnings. We can’t think that we know it all. We must rely on Him.

Just as a young child stays close to his parents for security and protection, and as leadership in a company stays attentive to the CEO; we must all remain close to God so that He can prepare us for the things to come.

God does not desire for us to be lost, confused and bombarded by the troubles of this life. I encourage you to get close to Him so that he can prepare you of what’s to come. He will do it. Trust me.


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