Life: Let Go, Get More

Sometimes it’s not meant to be; for whatever reason it doesn’t work out. You lose your job. Or, maybe the relationship just isn’t giving you everything your heart desires.

It’s okay. Sometimes we just have to let go. Letting go is apart of life and honestly I’m starting to believe that the better we get at letting go the more at peace we will be.

In order to truly grow and gain more, we have to be able to let go of what we had. That’s what progress is all about. Life has shown me over and over that when I let go of THIS then THAT will come along and be much better!

A progressive life is all about gaining and letting go. Think about it. You won’t have room for all of the great things if you are still letting the old, ordinary things take up space.

Think about your wardrobe. Every so often it’s a good idea to clear out and make room for the new. Your fashion preferences have probably changed, anyway.

It’s the same with life. Stop trying to hold onto everything that you have. Life has so much more to offer you, but how can you receive it if you’re occupied with all your old stuff?

Don’t let fear keep you stagnant. Don’t equate letting go with taking a loss. Don’t let insecurities cause you to settle. Get more!

Let go, prepare yourself, and watch life start giving you more.


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