LOVE: How much will I take??

He wants what he wants, I want what I want, and although our wants conflict we both want each other.  He won’t let go, and although I say I need my space, I don’t want him to let go either.  I recently read that true love won’t let go.  Is that true?  If so, then no matter how much we disagree we won’t let go.


Love can be complicated, yet beautiful. We love to love, we all desire to be in love, but most everyone I know has cried over their loves. How can this be? Why is it this way?

I know that love is between two imperfect beings, and since no one is perfect the love is sure to hurt a bit. It’s sure to disappoint, upset, and even cause some unhappiness. This is reality but it’s a reality we don’t easily accept.

My understanding of love is changing as I change. It’s becoming more understanding as I get older. My love is more patient as I’ve grown wiser.

No one is perfect so I know my ideal love won’t be perfect. I will marry someone who is imperfectly perfect for me. I’ll be unhappily happy with him during those times when he makes me unhappy. I will be content with what we have, even in the midst of our inadequacies.

I’m anxious to see how this love will work out. If it’s meant to be it will be. If he lets go it’s not meant.  I won’t fight him off, but I won’t beg him to say.  I won’t argue, I’ll just say what I want.  I won’t cry about his faults, I’ll just give him space and pray that he figures it out.

He knows what I want, he knows how I feel, he knows where I’m at, and he knows that I’m real.  What else do I say?  What more do I do? 

I guess I’ll just wait and see how much I will take.

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