Dear Jesus,

You are the epitome of strength. You came to Earth holding all power, yet you weren’t boastful. You were humbly powerful. Painfully obedient. You served as an example for us all. You showed love. You are love. You showed love with your actions, your being; not just words rolling off the lips. You are amazing. You are bold. You went to the cross even though you knew it would hurt. You prayed yourself ready. What an example. You placed the Father’s needs above even your own. You were obedient even though it would hurt. What an example. You are the perfect role model. You’re painfully obedient; not just casually obedient. You are good- You do what is good no matter the cost. You followed the Father’s plan even to the cross. You went to the cross even though you knew it would hurt. You didn’t fight it. You didn’t fight your enemies. You even told Peter don’t fight. You even healed your enemy. How amazing. You did what you tell us to do- Love those who hurt us. You did not fight the Father’s plan. You were willing and obedient. I must say again- painfully obedient. I can’t imagine all of the pain you felt. The beatings, the lacerations, carrying the cross, nails through your flesh, then left on the cross to die- like a criminal. You were crucified with criminals, you even talked with one while on the cross, you were still showing love. I know you were in pain, but you still showed loved- even while on the cross. They nailed you to the cross thinking that’d be the end of you. Boy, were they wrong. You are the epitome of strength. You are the epitome of power. You told them you would rise and your words are always truth. You did rise. You’re still alive. That’s why we are honoring you today. Today is Easter and I just want to say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for being an example, thank you for covering our sins, thank you for being love. I am so thankful for you and I will love you always.



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