We’re playing ourselves: 5 THINGS WOMEN MUST DO!

Every woman I know has had men issues. Most all of us have been cheated on, lied to, or denied, to only name a few. Practically all of us have been played by men.

I’ve come to the realization though that men aren’t playing us. We’re really playing ourselves.

Men, like most all species, will do what we allow them to do. Same thing with our children- if we allow them to talk back to us they will do it. With men- if we allow them to give us less than we deserve they will most certainly do it.

Now, I’m not saying that all men are dogs. I’m not saying that at all, stay with me. I’m just saying that us as women must take more control over our relationships with men.

We must stay in control of the treatment we receive. We must not settle for less than what we desire or deserve. We must not place the happiness of someone else above our own happiness.

We must stay bold and stand for whatever it is we want! If we don’t, who will??

Here are 5 ways to prevent ourselves from being played:

1. Trust our intuition. Women are blessed with an internal gauge that lets us know when something isn’t right. We don’t give our intuition enough credit! We try to ignore it or justify wrong relationships. We don’t trust ourselves enough. We must rely on our intuition more.

2. Speak our mind. I’m not saying scream, roll your eyes, or even put your hand on your hip. What I’m saying is that sometimes there are things that we want to know and we don’t ask. Why? We like to keep the peace and be happy.  We have to discuss those things- no sweeping them under the rug or pretending it doesn’t matter. If it’s on your mind, it matters. Find the right time to gracefully discuss it.

3. Share our wants. We must let our man know what we want. Women are naturally pleasers, but we must also expect to be pleased. Tell him what you like, your favorite ice cream, your favorite candy. Let him know that you like surprises. Tell him what you want and if he cares he should work to make you  happy.

4. Expect to progress. This is so huge! A relationship should not be in the same state that it was 6 months ago! Life is all about progression, so if the relationship is not progressing something is not right. All healthy things grow. Expect your relationship to progress and if it’s not you need to find out why. Get to the root issue. Be ready to work because all relationships require work, or even be willing to let go. Not all relationships are meant to be. Trust your intuition.  🙂

5. Don’t ever settle. Another big one! Women can see potential in anything and unfortunately this will allow us to settle for less than we’re worth. Life is full of people. Technically, there are approximately 7 billion people living in the world. Don’t force anything and surely don’t be scared to let go of something that you feel isn’t right. There is someone else out there. Trust me. You deserve to get what you want.


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