Fearless: The Way To Live

Every one of us should strive to be more fearless. Not fearless like the 2 year old who will jump off the counter, but fearless in a way that keeps us living boldly.

We should be fearless so that we can take risks. We also have to be fearless to even live by faith. Faith and fear are not friends. The more fear we feel, the less faith we actually are exhibiting.

Some of the best decisions I’ve made were made in the midst of fear. I felt the fear but I still attacked the opportunity. I analyzed the decision and did what I felt was best. We can’t be slaves to fear. Honestly, we have to be fearless in order to truly live forward.


Personally, I believe that it’s rarer to fully live forward- striving toward the future. Most people wake up every day still toting their pasts. They tote their hurts, their breakups, their mistakes, their failures. How unhealthy. This way of living zaps all optimism!

It’s not possible to be optimistic about the future when the past is all you think about. It’s very possible to still be living in yesterday, even while today is here, new, bright, and fresh. Unfortunately, if we are not fearless we think the ‘old days’ were the ‘good old days’.

Living fearless says “Why are we even still talking about the old days?” “The past is the past.” “I’m thinking about today and tomorrow.” “Everything in my past has prepared me for today.” Ok, you get the point.

We will all feel fear at times, but we can’t stay there and make decisions that are dominated by fear. We must be brave and courageous! Yes, life is hard and we all have failures but that should not prevent us from living fearless.

We should all focus on living more fearless. The best is yet to come, but we must live fearlessly in order to reach out and grab it.

Be Fearless

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